I'm Daisy, a studio-based floral designer and flower grower in Vancouver, Canada.  My work seeks to capture the intrigue, disarray and maddening beauty of flowers - their growth, humanity and arrangement. 

I am also a social anthropologist by trade and am constantly amazed at how entwined human rites are with natural ones: flowers enliven, soothe and mirror the full range of our emotions and life passages. 

For a number of years I arranged and photographed flowers in Britain.  My project was Ritual Bloom. The fire still burns as bright as that September afternoon I took notice of wild honeysuckle.  And it was that act of taking notice that changed so much for me.

I believe something good and gentle happens when we appreciate flowers.  I take joy in every occasion to make them compelling, meaningful and memorable.

Photo by Daniel Reaume

Photo by Daniel Reaume